Where’s ‘Tache?

In Episode 2, a quest was born: to track down the legendary ‘Tache, proprietor of the Ilknur Pension in Istanbul.

‘Tache and his wife appeared in Peter’s best-selling travel narrative, The Wrong Way Home, but have since slipped into obscurity.

After catching up with an old travel buddy who stayed with him at the Ilknur Pension, Peter has decided to find out what happened to ‘Tache.

But he needs your help.

What we know so far …

Photo taken by Adam Sloan back in 2007.

An address

Akbıyık Caddesi, 22 Terbiyik Sok, Istanbul

A name change

Google Street View, filmed in 2017, reveals a change of name to the Chora Guesthouse, and a sign saying ‘Building for Sale by Owner.’

Possible leads

The Metropolis Hostel

Right next door, the Metropolis Hostel was open when Adam took his photo of the Ilknur Pension and is still open today.

Surely the owner or manager know what happened to ‘Tache.

The owner selling the Chora Guesthouse

Did he own it when it was the Ilknur? Or did he buy the building off ‘Tache? Could it be ‘Tache?

The Miran Green Market

Sitting at the bottom of the building, and a new addition, probably around the time of the name change.

Could ‘Tache still drop by to pick up his morning newspaper?

What you can do

Any help with any of the leads above, much appreciated. I’ve sent a few emails and messages, but haven’t got any replies, which is not surprising with the COVID 19 lockdown.

Maybe a native Turkish speaker or someone living in Istanbul might have better luck.

Send me an email directly or leave a comment below if you’ve got anything to report.

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